King Of The Jungle – Longboard Contest 2015

rolleiSamstag, Schlachthofstraße 5, Osnabrück, Germany
To all of you photographers and video whizzes out there, clean you cameras and don’t forget to bring them to the contest. The King of the Jungle also has a PHOTO & VIDEO CONTEST with some sweet prizes for the best picture and the best video after the event. So shoot away! No need to sign up beforehand. ‪#‎jungledance15‬ ‪#‎kingofthejungle‬ ‪#‎photovideocontest‬

King of the Jungle – After Skate Party,
Samstag, 22h, Der Zauber von OS, Dammstrasse 2

The King of the Jungle and Long Louie Crew cordially invite you to go monkey crazy at Der Zauber von OS with them after the King of the Jungle Longboard Contest. We are sure you will be hungry from a whole day of skating, so feel free to wander over there right after the event. Der Zauber von OS makes the best burgers in town (yes, vegan & non-vegan) and has a great variety of tasty snacks, salads and drinks on the menu.

We hope to see you in your best party mood, because we managed to get not one, but two DJs for the night! Nimanslin and Mocap will rock those turntables and spin some original mixes just for you.

And who knows, maybe there are going to be a few small surprises as well, but the King of the Jungle still has to peel some bananas over it.

Doors: Right after the contest

Party kick-off: 10 p.m.

Music: DJs Nimanslin and Mocap


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