O. T. test4


16.08., 19h – 17.08., 22h, G A R A G E :, karl-marx-strasse 204 – 206, 3. Hinterhof, berlin _ neukölln

test 4
O: T:
two days of experimental action art and a conceptual installation
signal – impuls – aktion – sound – poetry – film – installation


FRIDAY 16. august 19 / 19:00 -22:00

Marie Schubenz + Moellhusen / Nicksda
two letters and a table
[ voice / noise-action with a table]

Catherine Ricoul :
“ …short films … most of them unpublished and not yet shown in Berlin:
– The noisy men, version courte (6′)
– La Traversée, film d’animation en stop-motion autour d’un livre (3’40)
– La Sieste, film d’animation en stop-motion avec Marcel (3′)
– Ich bin eine Berlinerin, film collage (2’20)
– La bande-annonce de mon film en cours DEMOPOLIS, film d’animation en stop-motion sur les luttes berlinoises contre la gentrification, les expulsions, la hausse des loyers… (1’30) …“

Primo Gabbiano + Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio Visual Pal
mohn und wut
.“..is the improvisation, performance and itinerant project by the performer and poet, Lorena Izquierdo Aparicio, of the video artist and experimental musician Primo Gabbiano and the artist Visual Pal. It is a stage encounter between the body and the noise, the moving image and the words. With these elements an intense, weird spectacle is created and connections open to a heresy polysemy.. “

Elizabeta Kostadinovska + Iver Ask Overgaard::
multimedia poetry + guitar


SATURDAY 17. august 19 / 19:00 – 22:00

Wolf Dieckmann + Moellhusen/Nick :
action poetry with heavy sound attacks-effects
wolf Dieckmann [ zettelmann is dead ] is pataphysicist, performer, visual artist and poet in an expanded meaning

Sacha Kahir & the birthday seance
…on the spur of the moment / sound + poetry happening
Sacha Kahir is a political action poet from scottland
the birthday seance:
Sean Bonney,/ Jeroen Nieuwland [ poets ]
:Friedrich Nicksda / Uwe Moellhusen [ sound ]

Alexandra Maciá + Uwe Moellhusen :
intuitive music for historical synths pt 2
you never know what happens next when you play with this old (partly broken ] analogue machines. each synth-action is a step into the unknown…..

Max Henninger
text-sound composition with author, translator
max henninger [ voice ] and poesi fysik [ moellhusen/nick ]

u moellhusen + wolfgang nick
O: T:
no 4 of conceptual installatiion in 6 movements.


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